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The Message

I began this project in 2018, when I suddenly realized that it had been a while since I had had a really bad day. I had begun watercoloring when the fog had begun to lift, after years of daily battle with Postpartum Depression. When I realized the fog had been lifted for some time, I began writing down all of the things I would tell my past self, back in 2012 when the depression first hit me and life seemed impossible. I thought about that Terrified Me, who cried every day, hid from her baby and refused to eat. I looked back and realized that I had established tools that had saved my life, and I realized that I had to share them. And on top of that, the fact that I had chosen to fight the battle alone because I was so ashamed that my Motherhood didn't look "right", I realized that I had one major message to share.

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